teapot #3

•June 3, 2010 • Leave a Comment

some time has passed – teapothead went quiet, very quiet……

but it is useful to reflect on the year past, teapot #3 has come along, as have several other primordial, deep sea creatures, that otherwise pass as a tea set

teapot #3 made by tracy pateman

with its hemispherical nature, the whole room is reflected in teapot #3

teapothead considers that it is kind of crazy to make such a difficult teapot – simple says teapothead, keep it simple


the great good fortune

•June 11, 2009 • Leave a Comment

two things have brought teapothead back to this blog:

i) wrestling with the design of teapot #3 – teapothead is feeling all at sea all over again – but things have started to get to a point where it is possible to show at least something

Early model of teapot #3 by Tracy Pateman

ii) teapothead is most grateful that teapot #1 has received the P.J. Williams Award: for innovative design in gold and silversmithing – holloware, flatware or sculptural objects at the BUDA 2009 10th Biennial Silver Exhibition – this provides some encouragement that it is possible to design another teapot

more on the struggles of teapot #3 to come – the design has advanced past that point shown above but spout and handle options have diverged along two very separate paths…..

teapots #1 and #2

•November 22, 2008 • 5 Comments

teapothead shakes – there’s much to improve on this first effort – so much is lost in translation

two strange siblings but here they are



poor little #2 (on the right) did not receive as much attention as #1 – it does show, especially in the handles (stay tuned for a reworking of at least the lid handle)

plus the position of the spout does impact on capacity (in both teapots) and the ease with which the last cup is poured – design of #3 must begin soon

1, 2

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teapothead, who has been quiescent during the last few weeks of crazed teapot making, stirs …


drawing a blank

•November 4, 2008 • 3 Comments

after a long day of slim progress towards teapot #2, teapothead feels adrift – it’s all talk and insufficient skill – sigh


when even teapothead is feeling like there’s no point continuing, it is very difficult for anyone else to keep going

what is function

•November 2, 2008 • 6 Comments

this teapot, this new teapot #1, is functional as a vessel for steeping tea leaves and pouring tea

but what other functions can it serve?  it could also serve as a focus for reflection or contemplation – teapothead considers this is a legitimate function – not that this teapot is necessarily capable of serving that function

what would happen if a line of small fruit-bats, hanging from under  the handle, were included?

interacting with your teapot

•October 30, 2008 • 2 Comments

but let’s be frank – are teapots just out of date – have they been surpassed, like the machine, by this digital life?

teapothead thinks maybe this is so but also believes another way is possible – how can we reconnect with the teapot?

interaction is one way – what would we need to add to the teapot to make it a more approachable object with more than one function?

in these uncertain times, we all fidget